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Our Photo Gallery


( Click on the thumb nails below to enlarge them )

Here on this page you will see photos of friends and family.

It will be updated every so often, so please come and visit!

If you wish to be in the Photo Gallery, please let me know.

Check out the Family and Friends page, it has links for their pages!!


Video is here

(click on the photo and the video should come up in your media player )

Christmas 2006

Rae, Ryan & Allegra

Christmas Party


Tracy & Ryan

Christmas 2005

Ryan , Brad & Tracy

Ryan & Brad

Brad & Lexi


Bonnie & Jim

Mark , Kelly , Ryan & CJ

GG , Ryan , CJ & Lexi



Kelly & Lexi


Mark & Ryan

Frank & Ryan


Ryan & Cia

Big sister Allegra , Tracy, Ryan & Cia

Rocky & Joey

Big sister Raechel & Ryan

Allegra , Cia , Ryan , Zack & Raechel


Ryan's Birthday 11/09/05

1 Year Old


Halloween 2005


View from our room at sunset

Bermuda 7/10- 7/16/2005
(click on the arrows to scow thru photo's there are 35 photo's in this set)



Ryan napping



Ryan 12/21/04

Ryan 1/3/05

Ryan 2/2/05

Ryan 2/2/05

Ryan 2/2/05


Christmas 2004

(click on the photo to enlarge)

Allegra nice face

money girl with her A.T.M.

Cia and her great smile

CJ cool shades

Cj and Mark

Family Time

Kelly and CJ

CJ and Lexie

Gigi and lexie

Mom not sharing

Raechel and Ryan( Help!!!!)

Rae more clothes


Gigi Jim checking things out

Zack dude

Tracy and Ryan




Ryan first photo 11/9/04

Merry Christmas 2004

Ryan and Daddy

Allegra gets to hold her brother

Raechel and her brother

Proud Grandfather

Ryan and Gigi

Allegra and Sam talk to media

Allegra and Sam ride like King and Queen

Allegra and Sam get their Bikes

Sam and Allegra ride in style

Allegra, Sam, Congressmen Shays and Ring Master Hurst

Raechel and her friends on a sleep over


Dad, Joe and Little Joe 11/10/02

Joe and Little Joe

Tracy and I on our Honeymoon in St. Lucia

Tracy and the girls sing me a song with our friend Alex

Rhode Island

Lexie in Rhode Island

Raechel and Allegra in Newport

The girls and I in Newport

Ring Masters Ball

Allegra and her Royal Family at the Ring Masters Ball

Raechel at the Ring Masters Ball

Having fun on a float

Allegra and Sam talking with the local radio station

Tracys B-Day with Dad, CJ and Brad 11/13/02

Raechel watching her sister


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